Gregg's Sonotube 2 Project Completed Feb 21, 2001  
Special thanks to: ThomasW and Patrick Sun
Onsert caps THEN cut tube to fit using router
This is the router bit for cutting the tube
Gluing the pine caps in place
The new big boy's little brother
Tops of the 2 subs, I tried to get the finish to match
My equipment list:

Toshiba 65H80 RPTV
Panasonic RP-91 Progressive Scan DVD player
Pioneer CLD 606 LD Player
Dish 6000 HD Reciever
Outlaw 1050 Receiver (as preamp)
Outlaw 750 Power Amp, 165 WPC
Outlaw ICBM Bass Mgt Unit
Denon DRM-500 Cassette Deck
Sony CX 400 CD Player
Paradigm Reference Speakers
    100v2, 450 CC, and 40s for surrounds
Sonotube 1, 24" diameter, 2 12" Shiva Drivers
Sonotube 2, 30" diameter, 2 15" Tempest Drivers
Peavey V 1.3 Sub Amp, 1300 WPC at 2 Ohms
Not sure how to hook up the BFD Pro yet!
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